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When he was just five years old, Dubphone had his first touch on the piano keys. It was the moment that made him fall in love with the music.Passing trough years of piano lessons and gaining more and more knowledge on both , musical and personal life, he got extremely attached on electronic music.At age of 14 he got his first mixing software and 3 years later had his first experience with Ableton.It took just couple of years more of practice and hard work in his own house until he was pleased of his results and decided to share his mixes between his friends and the young crowd of electronic music listeners.Didn't took too long for Dubphone to have his first projects for labels like : Monique Musique(Canada),Inmotion Music,Kosmophono (Italy) Sleep Is Commercial (Berlin) and Baile,Musik(Frankfurt), labels that produced and released some of his best tracks.Discography 2012-2013Dubphone - Honey Darling Bitch (Moonfire Music Lab) - reaching #30,#29 in TOP100 Beatport Tech House 2 weeks from releasingDubphone - Lieber Felix (Moral Fiber Records) - #7 in top 100 releases Beatport 1 monthDubphone - Show Time,including Frink Remix - EXPmental RecordsDubphone - Panacoa (Baile Musik Records) - #10 in top 100 releases Beatport Tech Housewere played charted and supported by : Marco Carola,tINI,Livio & Roby,Troy Pierce,Gel Abril,Nima Gorji,Chriss Carier,Ilario Alicante and many others. for more check the near future Dubphone has 2 releases on the well knowed labels : Inmotion Music and the second on Kosmophono Records including 2 super remixes from Nima Gorji and WigbertShort while after came along his first featuring with artists like: Rosario Internullo,Chad Andrew,Frink,Egal3 but also featuring with overseasproducers. His music style has influences of Deep/Tech rhythms and joyful vocals.At the beginning of his Dj career he played in major Romanian clubs in Bucharest like Studio Martin,Barocco,Silver Afterhours,Studio Martin and all across the country. Outside of the country borders, he had the opportunity to get up on stages at festivals in Spain, Germany, Bulgary & Moldova.Dubphone is gaining more and more recognition on the market from the listeners but also from the music industry. This year he took 5th place at Awards for the at the best electronic music producers and 3rd place for at the best clubbing profile radio show in Romania.His music projects are supported by international names like: Raresh & Rhadoo (ar:pi:ar), Marco Carola, Troy Pierce, tINI, Luciano & Loco Dice.You can catch him every Thursday night at where he has his own online radio show and also you can hear his sets often on Ibiza Global Radio or Proton Radio.


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