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 - Aron Prince


I'm an independent recording artist/record label owner, house music dancer, and martial artist (Karate) from NYC. I'm a spoken word artist and lyricist for the record! I started my recording career in 1995 with my first house music record entitled "Living In Fear" (DJ Duke's label, Sex Mania/Power Music Distribution).I started my record label Aron Prince Entertainment in January 2004. I have a music publishing company as well (Aron Prince Music, BMI).My first full-length CD “Invisible Man” was recorded and released in 2006; fan favorites are “Pit bull”, “Feel It! (featuring PINK LOVE?)”, and “Yo No Quiero Morir (De Este Modo) (featuring Betty Adams)”. My second full-length CD “Outspoken” was released in 2008; fan favorites are ‘I’ll Take Your Man”, “Harlem USA”, and “Outspoken”.I’m currently writing and preparing production for the third full-length CD “Lone Warrior” due to be released in the Fall of 2012.