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Motoe Haus, aka Filby, is a house music dj and producer/songwriter. He is one half and a founding member of the Komplextro rock n roll dj duo Kalm Kaoz. Motoe is also half of the hiptronica music group NiceTie.Originally from Victoria, B.C. Motoe could be found dancing the night away at underground raves until he transplanted to Vancouver in 2001 to begin his career in music. Spending a few years touring and smashing local circuits, releasing CD’s and videos, as well as producing some of Canada’s premier urban artists.Motoe Haus found a calling to Los Angeles in 2007, he moved yet again to the city of angels. While there, Motoe made a complete 180 in artistic expression. While the hip hop scene he was so fond of seemed to be quickly dying, Filby made the inevitable yet unforeseen transition to Electronic Dance Music in 2007 and co-founded NiceTie with his good friend from Philadelphia, Casanov. In late 2012, Motoe formed Kalm Kaoz, a dj duo, and MassiveEnterprises with Jennifer Lai and John Langdon, aka SlingR.Rocking many shows and constantly evolving, Motoe released a solo album "Good Mornin Vietknobs"in mid 2012 with Lyrical Mistress Entertainment. "Ibiza Sunset" is slated for release in 2013 under the same label.Filby and SlingR will release a debut record as Kalm Kaoz in 2013 under Massive Decks Recordings.Producing and writing many genres of music for over 15 years gives this young man a very articulated ear for heart pounding sound navigation and a positive energy that moves dance floors relentlessly. Filby produces and plays only gorgeous, epic dance music for the people to lose and simultaneously find themselves within.Known for his high intensity, sexy galactic dance driven 4+ hour sets, Motoe Haus primarily focuses on house, electro, trance, tribal, tech and progressive sounds with slight injections of dub step. DJmotoe has and will continue to innovate and expand his palate of electronic dance music to rip up dance floors across the globe.