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 - Edgar De Ramon


EDGAR DE RAMON was born the 9th of March 1984 in a small town called Amposta, in the Spanish region of Catalonia. His passion for music began in the early age of 12. Back then, his parents owned a pub named TUTU and were electronic music fans, a fact that allowed him to discover the music of Kraftwerk, Sindcops or Laurent Garnier among others. He started playing in local clubs when he was 16 and just one year later he was resident DJ at Metronom, an old mill turned into club that danced to the beat of house, electro and techno.After playing in all the clubs in the area and collaborating with several radio stations, in 2007 Edgar moves to Barcelona to start his degree in sound engineering. There, while combining university and a job in a record store on the weekends, he releases his first works: a remix of the track Kalet - Living Like a Child for the label Full Equip, which received the support of Paco Osuna, Chris Liebing and Alexi Delano among others, and his first EP - Intuitions- for Mindshake, Paco Osuna’s label, which was supported by Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola.Since then, Edgar’s career is strengthening step by step: he has published for labels such as Circle Music (Germany), Kiara Records (Spain), Inmotion Music (USA), Karateklub (Berlin, Germany), Thoughtless Music (Canada), Novotek (Spain), Suara and Dual Music among others.He has shared line-up with artists of international stature like Paco Osuna or Marco Carola...Edgar has more than 10 years experience as a dj and has been playing in clubs such as Club4 (Barcelona), Watergate (Berlin), Nocturnal (Miami), Atlantida (Sitges), Florida 135 (Fraga), Barraca (Valencia) and Row 14 (Barcelona) among others.


111 Golden Techhouse Tunes
Aki Bergen, Nikola Gala, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Boris Brejcha, Hector vs Mikel, J. Axel, Matthew Hoag, Terry Grant, MSMS, Arantxa Gallardo, Addex, Jobb, Alfred R., Cassette, Joe Chan, Donato Bilancia, Jamie Anderson, Deepgroove, Francesco Bonora, Hermanez, Fabien Kamb, Eternal Basement, Michael Knoch, Miles Sound, Deep Sector, MidiDropMusic, Greg Parker, Marc O'Tool, Lukas Greenberg, Babak Shayan, Junior Gee, Mika Olson, Marten Fisher, Basti Pieper, QMUSSE, Strict Border, Andry Nalin, Franksen, Tom Wax, Bucher, Kessidis, Sunner Soul And Deep-maker, Wollion, MVDV, Sasch BBC, Maxxa, Instant Pleasure, Jairo Catelo, Helly Larson, Denace 2 Society, Jacksonville, Starskie, Leimberg, Alex Flatner, Yousef, Harold Heath, Mr. Cenzo, Demir, Seymen, Gorge, Pizeta, Garnier, Marco Dassi, Philipp Straub, AK, Coskun, Tomoki Tamura, Kirk Summers, Tojami Sessions, Tan Atalar, Caytas, Patz, Evren Ulusoy, Daniel Dubb, Microform, Nacho Marco, Daniel Schneider, Alphawezen, Nima Gorji, Camiel Daamen, Nicole Moudaber, Stereo Sandwich, SmallTown Collective (STC), Edgar De Ramon, Albert Marzinoto, See Why, Mariano Mateljan, Modz, Leandro Gamez, D-Plex, Pascaldior, Mozaic, Mister Fil, Michi Muzik, Gianni Di Muro, YokoO, Sofa Tunes, Sven Kerkhoff, Cuebrick, Frank Krumsdorf, Markus Mehta, Zoe Xenia, Sebbo, Sascha Sonido, Geb.el, Maurizio Vitiello, Chris Venola, Jurgen Kirsch, Patrick Kunkel, Da Ragnio, Danima, Derek Marin, Stryke, Ohm-G, Green Rabbit, Daniel Bortz, Naomi, Aki Bergen, Daniel Schlender, Hector, Danito, Daniel Steinberg, Roberto Bardini, Markus Fix, Martinek, Rodrigo Soria, Livio & Roby, Apparell, Minus 8, Gutbrod, Chris Zippel
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