Key Commands
 - Dan Corco


Successively influenced by the new wave and new beatsound, it's in the Detroit techno movement that Dan will findhis way. He starts producing in the beginning of 2000 andhis first tracks will be rapidly signed on the prestigiousRotation Records label from Dave Angel (UK) as well asScandium Records (France). Shortly after, he will be able toexpress himself on the famous GoodLife Records from T heHacker and Oxia. Musically very open, Dan producesvarious styles tracks. Orientated electro as well as puretechno, he takes great pleasure in mixing genres and tryingto innovate in his sound. Eclectic styles and sound researchis the base from his music and his DJ Set. Dj since manyyears already, his productions have brought him to playmore and more in France and outside of his homeland.