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 - Ordonez


Ordonez its one of the founders of electronic music inEcuador. He quickly became one of the most successful djsin his country, sharing booth with some of the biggest dj's inthe world, which allowed him to start touring around SouthAmerica.Host of his own radio show Eleksonicka since 2006,broadcasted by the biggest radio station in Cuenca "FM88",he has been featured in several radio shows around theglobe like Lars Behrentorh legendary Deeper Shades OfHouse, Ibiza Global Radio and Frisky Radio.After more than 10 years as a dj, he started his work as aproducer, which quickly took the labels bosses attention,releasing on labels like Fabian Argomedo’s Pressure, that’sthe start of his releases after just a couple of em, the tracks“T he One” and “Would You” caught the attention of DanaBergquist owner of Oh! Records Stockholm where Davidreleases his ep “Acts Not Words” which gets selected as afeatured release from the Trackitdown crew quickly reachingthe deep house & tech house top 10.Being the first year of Ordonez on the scene we surely willbe hearing a lot from him in the near future.