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 - Marc DePulse


Marc DePulse(Noir Music / Ostwind / Westbalkonia)“I don ́t specify my music. I simply produce and play what I love.”Childhood full of music, blah...! Learning instruments, blah...! Signing the first contract, blah...! Playing the first gigs, blaah...... okay. We don ́t want to find any “blah blah ́s” to introduce Marcel Sterling alias “Marc DePulse” as it may be usual in a biography. Because nowadays nothing is really usual.And that ́s what Marc wants to tell us with his music: there is no box where you must fit in.All producers and DJs are free in mind to do whatever they love. Being real, being authentic, being a full time music lovers. That means: go to bed and wake up with only music in your head!Who ever spent some tears when listening to music because the sounds are so emotional can build a bridge to that kind of music Marc wants to achieve. It is “music to remember” with big characters inside.And that could be a melody, a bassline, typical percussions or strong vocals. Call it deep, call it tech-house, call it minimal. But never call it “Electronic Dance Music”, please!We know that people are getting bored in reading long lines. That ́s why we make it short:- DJ Gigs: Marc already played in 20 countries since 2003.- Live-Act: Marc is playing also LIVE with the band Boe van Berg (+ vocals & guitar)- Releases: more than 150 - on Vinyl, CD and MP3 since 2001- First album: “Lessons in dub” (2011 / Ostwind Records) - own labels: Pimprinella, JEAHMON!, Westbalkonia- new single: “No need to worry” ft. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite (Noir Music)And finally: usually a biography leads you to the most important pages of the artist. We don ́t do so. We only tell: for more informations about Marc DePulse, don ́t hang around: ask Google! ...and have a nice day.Artist BioLeipzig, January 2014.