Space Jesus

Space Jesus is the stage name and persona of Jasha Tull, an electronic dance music (EDM) performer, Space Jesus focuses on combining different EDM stylings with bass-heavy beats and Hip-Hop flavor to create consistently fresh, captivating tracks that test the limits of what’s possible in the EDM realm. Jasha soon started exploring his passion for EDM and bass-driven beats as Space Jesus, creating the now-famous persona through which to share his personal experiences and love of high-energy, soul-ripping tracks with the world. The 2011 release of SPACE JESUS EP earned Jasha instant recognition across the EDM scene and countless followers up and down the East Coast. . Live Performances and Growing Reputation During his career, Space Jesus has built a reputation for delivering dynamic, mind-bending live performances. With appearances at Shambhala, Middlelands, Camp Bisco (2011), Mysteryland, Tomorrowworld, and

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