iMerik - real name Stanislav Kotivets. Born October 27, 1990, in the prosperous village Novotitarovskaya. First love of music came back in 1998, was trained on all known instrument Piano, but soon due to periezdom he had to discontinue his studies.All the while Stanislav welcomed, such as the direction of music: Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, but he soon noticed the music of this genre like Elektro, and gave all his preference for this area. In 2007 Stanislav very fascinated by electronic music decided to try myself as a DJ, hosts parties at school events has known this program Virtual Dj and Traktor. Stanislav later began to develop more and more, but didzheng has been little interest, Stanislav soon decided to try himself as a musician, of course, turned out not

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