His Grace

GRACE, DJ / PRODUCER from Livorno (Tuscany) was born in 1984 at the age 'of 16 years is affected by the electronic music house.Si approach it thanks to the influence of Matteo and Francesco Tedeschi AKA MR.DONNY rich 'AKA MR KEY, in the pair ANONYMOUS DJS.Da here begins a journey as a DJ in clubsin appetizers, one of these is the COTTON leghorn, and private parties in the staff of Richard Degaetano AKA RICHARD DREAM in 2004.Lavora DREAM's staff for 5 years, after playing in the local TULATU 'Bientina (Tuscany) alongside DJ Philip Nardi.Nel 2006 to 2007 he joined the crew of the lack' of local DRESSCODE Ponsacco, where he honed his technical work and then split the console cn DJs the likes of MARIO PIU 'and RICKY LEROY at