Dystopic is a young Brazilian producer who started producing his music in 2018. He discovered his love for music after starting to mix some tracks in clubs in the Undergroud scene in his region. Initially with Techno Dystopic he released some tracks until he made his transition to HardTechno / RaveTechno. Always expect catchy, strong, melodic, energetic and deep tracks, your music conveys a message and a story. Dystopic will bring news. Dystopic, adjective related to dystopia- Dystopia is any representation or description, organizational or social, whose value represents the antithesis of utopia or promotes living in a "negative utopia". The term also refers to an imaginary place, time or state in which one lives under conditions of extreme oppression, despair or deprivation. Dystopias are generally characterized by totalitarianism or authoritarianism (oppressive control of

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