Blaq Swag

Blaq Swag: „The Gentlemen-Rappers“ from Germany In September 2012 the time has come: With the launch of their new single “Hey – Yo” the band Blaq Swag will “wow” their fans! Starting this autumn, for the next few months several gigs are planned in the most “happening” clubs in Germany. While born in the USA, both artists Jay O. Ay and Januliss P. spent most of their youth in Germany and therefore want to release their new single here. At the same time, Blaq Swag is working on their first studio album together with the “Radium Records” label. Blaq Swag represents an unusual new style that the band describes as „Gentleman Rapper Style“. Their individual “Gentlemen Rapper Style” together with extraordinary creativity, great ideas and hard work is the recipe for success for this duo. No baggy pants or profanity,

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