Dj / Producer of Yunquera (Málaga), component of Essence booking.He began as a dj in the year 1998, mixing house and break in the club of your city, but ultimately decided by the break. Organizing events across the area since the year 99-00, facet which continues to work today.He was interested in the world of production in the year 2000, and today has already published 40 tracks in various cd compilations, two 12" vinyl and the other in digital formats, publishing in september of 2010 the first album with Spektra Recordings.He has worked with records label: Reflexmusik, Dubplate Records, Essence Records, Spektra Recordings, Kaleidoscope Music, Logico Beatz, Island Records & No Connection Press Records, Raveart Records, and the next references by the labels Yes Mate Recordings, V.I.M. Records, Breakz R

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