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 - Wouter De Moor


DJ and producer Wouter de Moor is one of those guys whoconquer the world with a a person of unlimited energy, drive and enthusiasm for dance music in all its forms and with all its side-effects, when he creates very decent house tunes himself which shows when one inspects his discography.The list of releases is now growing at a steady pace with tracks on various big labels. From Amsterdam’s Rejected and We Dig. to Get Physical and Steve Bug's Pokerflat Recordings, label owners are all very pleased to welcome him to their firms.Naturally this has lead to a packed DJ agenda with gigs not only all over the Netherlands but in South Korea, China, Spain, Ibiza, Berlin and the very special festival Fusion in Germany in 2013 as well.The combination of unstoppable appetites for technical improvement and musical development and an open-minded attitude has obviously made him a favorite amongst those who like to dance all over the world and seem to be setting him up for a long-lasting career!Welcome to the Poker Flat family!