Key Commands
 - Emanuel Satie


Being born in Frankfurt is not such a bad omen if you want to make electronic music. Twenty-five years later and after a few Motown Records and hip hop influences and a 6-month traineeship at Cocoon it is safe to say that the advantage of the birth city has paid off for Emanuel Satie! Fascinated by the supposed paradoxical minimal techno, which, with very reduced resources, has an incredible effect in clubs, Emanuel initially starts as a DJ. He moves between house and techno – always ahead, always into the depth and with groove and soul. The focus of his actions is crystal clear: the happenings on the dance floor.But at some point this is not enough. The desire to produce his own music brings about two consequences: Lots of his own productions and sets, which consist more and more of these. In 2011 Emanuel performed almost all of his gigs as live acts using only his own tracks. Just which components of this musical self-realization marked the start of this causal chain of events is slightly reminiscent of the question about the chicken or the egg. The fact is and what is relevant is that the guy is convincing in clubs, at Beatport and in the record store. Releases on renowned labels like Cécille Records, bouq and Monique Musique speak just as clearly as the support which these titles are getting from DJ colleagues – from renowned ones, mind you: DJ T, Ida Engberg and Thomas Schuhmacher, for instance, played Emanuel’s ”Over” and chart ed t he number immediat ely int o t he Top Ten of their personal playlists. Quality prevails even in times when the technical barriers have fallen to the extent that almost anybody can produce. And so it goes without saying that national and international bookings are on the rise – a great way to start 2012 as a new member of the mono family.And on with more music, which is housey, danceable, groovy, deep, funky and soulful, sometimes even with an atmospheric elaborate touch, R&B and soul influences and less technoid. This is by no means a denial of his roots: After a detour to Swabia, Emanuel Satie, who, by the way, is also studying music, moved back to the city whose heart beats to the rhythm of techno: Frankfurt!