Key Commands
 - Daniel Kyo


Daniel Kyo is one of those real artists that has lived surrounded by music since he got his first keyboard when he was just a boy.At his young age He ́s already a well respected name in the underground electronica scene, having released over 50 pieces of work since he was only 17.These last years have established Daniel ́s name as a reference of quality music. Only his refined influences ranging from Kraftwerk to Radiohead and Carl Craig to Apparat could end up in such an special and unique sound.Latest releases on Poker Flat, Drumpoet Community and Lovemonk as well as more original stuff coming out soon on labels like Days Of Being Wild or Discos Capablanca just shows He ́s on top of his career to the date and appearances in the best underground venues all over the globe such as Panorama Bar (Berlín), Tri-bute (Tokyo) and Arenal Sound Festival on recent dates just tell us this is still much more promising for the upcoming years.In the club, his sets are a non-stop journey of powerful beats and melodies from disco to techno delicately fused, always keeping the eye on the dancefloor and taking the crowd to the top.Daniel ́s been surrounded closely by top names of the electronic scene for a few years now including people like Carl Craig, John Talabot and Larry Heard amongst others. He ́s work as director of Miniclub (one of the best underground clubs in Spain) and Electrosplash Festival has also brought him the chance to share booth with artists like Metro Area, Ewan Pearson and Ivan Smagghe to name a few, and this has made him become one of the most respected artists in the Spanish electronic scene.