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La Fleur defies categorisation; A former dancer turned DJ, a studio technician fuelled by artistic instinct, a pharmacist who found alchemy in creative control. Hers is a story that is constantly evolving, and it's one that she insists on telling in her own way. Music is at the core of everything that La Fleur sets her mind to, and it's the native tongue she uses to articulate her creativity as a DJ, producer, label owner, fashion designer and mixed media artist. The Swedish-born Berlin-based talent was tipped as an artist to watch in 2010, and she has excelled herself since with each passing year. Her solo debut EP Flowerhead arrived that year in conjunction with the launch of her own label, Power Plant Records. In 2011 came Flowerhead Revisited, the remix project hand-picked as the first release on Whatpeopleplay's influential inhouse label. Tracks and remixes for Exploited, Moodmusic and Lo:Rise, and her second Power Plant outing Eavesdropper EP followed in 2012, and 2013's crowning glories include a coveted residency with acclaimed Berlin club Watergate, a chart-topping debut for the Watergate label in the Nightflow EP, becoming the #1 charted artist on Resident Advisor, and the launch of her fashion capsule collection, Power Plant Elements. With the imminent release of her Feline EP on Power Plant, 2013 is on course to be the year that cements La Fleur's reputation as a unique multi-talent whose creations leave their imprint on you long after you experience them. Through all of La Fleur's successes runs a common thread of dedication, detail, and determined independence, and the early inspirations of music and movement drive this one-woman enterprise on her ascendant path. No longer a breakthrough artist, La Fleur has well and truly arrived.


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