Key Commands
 - Nico Lahs


Nico's figure is complex like a puzzle, the result of a youth written by experiences and extremes hardly recognizable in common places. Behind his deep expression he hides at one side the charm of a party animal and on the other side the perfect accuracy of the pure musician. Music was a love born step-by-step, firstly with piano and finally with drums as he cried “Music is percussion!” when turning his back on the ivories and dedicating over 6 years  to drumming in a young rock group in the south of Italy. Nearing the end of almost a decade of learning, Nico stumbled upon electronic music and discovered that this synthesis of eight years keyboard and drumpad left him with a spectrum of knowledge which he could apply to house music. Nico Lahs was born. Quickly the best labels on the underground have begun to take notice and the road that leads to a bright future is now open, less than 2 years after his first original production on Resopal. Nick Curly’s 8 Bit Records and Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings are just two of the labels to put out his music in 2011. You can expect much more from this young Italian talent in the coming months.