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 - Metodi Hristov


Metodi Hristov was born in 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His interest for music was provoked at the age of 18 when he met his teacher Juan Alvarez. It didn’t take him long to earn the respect of Bulgarian public. But this was not enough for him so he started producing and popularizing his name beyond the limits of his home country. And so his first EP, named “Aquarelberry”, was out in early 2009 for the Polish label In Deep Records. As time went by he started releasing tracks for major labels such as Great Stuff Recordings. This was the label that liked his “I Hate Latino”. The track was part of the tenth anniversary compilation Munich Disco Tech and also reached 71st place in Beatport’s top 100 tech house, also his track “message to the stars” which was released by Witty Tunes reached 7th place at Beatport top 10 deep house charts. Soon several successful releases followed, entering different charts and being played by DJs such as Marco Carola, Joris Voorn, Sebastien Leger, Magda, Chris Lake, Audiojack, Dj Optick, Rainer Weichhold and many more. Today Metodi Hristov works with Pavel Petrov. They are residents at two of the most popular and recognized house clubs in Bulgaria – Chervilo club Sofia and Cacao beach in the sea resort Sunny beach.


Bonzai & Friends - Underground Progressive Collection 2010 - 2014
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Bonzai Progressive | 2014-12-29