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 - Upstroke


Being born in Russia in 1988, Upstroke says that he could only fall asleep as a child listening to old vinyls of British superstars The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. When electronic music started to sweep through Russia, Upstroke listened to a lot of music from The Prodigy and West coast hip-hop. When he started to produce a few years ago, it only seemed natural for him to take his early influences and create a self-described “combination of fat funky bass, hip- hop rhythms with a touch of 80′s disco”.Only producing seriously for about a year, Upstroke has an extremely promising future. Already having massive releases signed with MEXA Records, Sleazy Deep, Dance Till Death, Kumasi Music, Stop! Waiting Records, AND Funkpony Records, Upstroke is on the brink of blowing up. Upstroke is simply not an artist to sleep on, because as far as I know, he’s the pioneer of west coast G-house.