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 - Clouded Judgement


"Things are really starting to take off for Clouded Judgement - 2 Mates based in London.It all started around 9 months ago and with their remix for Lee M Kelsall, (Gimme) released on the highly rated Love Not Money Records, it seemed like the perfect way to introduce themselves to everyone.Their first releases were early tracks through 2 labels - (Metro Rock Records - USA. & Wall 2 Wall Records - UK) receiving support from Roger Sanchez & others.After coming across a remix competition for Codus Records, Their version of the Dean Kenny tune, Specto was awarded the "Artist's Pick" and later released on the label in July with the track sitting at No: 2 in their Top 10 on Beatport.These two already had plans to push themselves elsewhere and boarded the plane from London to Ibiza in June. Once in Ibiza, the boys established themselves as one of the "Ones to watch", Playing no less than 12 different Venues including the Highly Reputable Kanya Beach Club as well as other Venues such as Delanos Beach Club (Bora Bora Beach) Ibiza quickly gained an insight into how they operate and what to expect from these two. Playing the best in up and coming music & their own material. It didn't take long for word to get around about these two and with their music being played daily in Bora Bora as well as other venues selected by themselves.People quickly grew to love their music and even after returning to the UK in August, their music could still be heard daily in Ibiza.Once they returned to the UK, the top priority was pushing the boundaries of their music and concentrating on releases. Remixes we're born for labels such as Purple Gorilla Records, Deepness Records & their first E.P dropped in the late Autumn named "Different Destinations" on Dog Records, which was a combination of old ideas and material made in Ibiza. The support continues to flood in from various parts of the world & Various artists such as: Adam Banks, Amine Edge, Andre Salmon, Jamie Le Vack, Lee M Kelsall, Rob Made, Sion Elliot, ToughLove & Others.2013 is going to be a crucial year for these guys and you can believe that their meteoric rise to the top is imminent, with releases due out on some of the most exciting labels in the scene.