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 - Mickey


At an early age Mickey already got hooked to the moreinteresting sounds of the 60’, 70’s and 80’s, never losingtrack of all the hot music that is being released today. Some10 years ago he decided to start producing his own soundsand this soon led to his first release on Relish Records.Being charted by T he Magician in his ‘Magictapes’ hashelped put the spotlight on Mickey in recent years. DJbookings over Belgium and beyond followed, highlightsbeing gigs in New York (Nouveau York Party), Hollywood(Dim Mak Studio), China & Australia, whilst landing a Belgianresidency at Libertine Supersport club in Brussels.As a producer Mickey has fast become a force of his own.Playing all instruments himself Mickey has already donesome song writing for other bands and continues to grow asa producer. After his first E.P. he surprised the world withkiller remixes for Housse de Racket on Kitsune, Tyson, Beni,His Majesty Andre & Sebastien Tellier. Recently he releasedan E.P. on the influential Belgian Smile label and he isalready working on a follow-up for that one.Both as a producer and as a DJ Mickey’s sound is acombination of house, pop and a lot more. Mickey, a soundyou need to discover.