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 - Der Effekt


Marcel Fenkart and Marco Glabonjat alias “Der Effekt“ are not unknown in the music-scene of the Rhine Valley in Austria. A turn of their career happened in the year 2000 and since then they have become popular among their fans. Today they are known for their first class electronic music. But you cannot categorize “Der Effekt“ accurately. Marcel and Marco call their style simply “experimental electronic club music“ with a groovy appressiveness. In the year 2006 the two musicians decided, to produce their own tracks with the Frankfurter creative producer Thomas Pogadl and Andreas Krämer. Marcel and Marco used their old DJ name “Maxxis and Overdose“. In the following two years some tracks were made by this cooperation; They were published under several labels and compilations like Drizzly Rec. X-Plosive hard Techno. After a light alteration of the scene in the field of “Electronic Beats“, the track “Help You“ brought some success. The publication of “Help You“ as a Compilation hymn of “Meet me at the Love Parade 08“ was the first release and appearance of “Der Effekt“. In 2009 the two musicians began to produce their own tracks of the new chartered label “Effekt Records“. In the two years bygone, there were some releases of Effekt Records from international performers like Mangelt, Mike Wall, Pitt Larsen, Andrea Giuliani, Luca Rosetti and much more. In 2010 a new cooperation with Mikroton Switzerland began. This brought a new character of event booking and record label agency to day light. One of the already successful projects is the party-alignment “Nightstars“, it already enjoys a high awareness level. At this event some well-known Dj’s like: Lützenkirchen (Great Stuff), Toni Rios (Cocoon), Lee van Dowski (Cadenca Rec.) and Chris Tietjen (Cocoon) gave their debute.


Tech-House 2013 100 Tracks
Pele, Audiosweep, Mano Meter, Theo Schwarz, Dualton, Yohann Grun, Djose Elenko, Cesar Rincon, Gaby F., Larry J, Chemanu, 6pod9, Eric Powa B, Tomasino, Lorenzo Navarro, Der Effekt, W&am, Fresh Breath, Zaber, Sami Wentz, Ondbraio, Filippo Del Moro, DJ Josian, Psycotronico F, Yura Just, Der Thal, Monchhichi Boys, Suite 610, Shadi Megallaa, Worthy, Flash Royal, Mikalogic, Yellow Watch, Duality Project, Michael Otten, Yves Eaux, Tony Kosa, Grimish, Sofa Tunes, Frank Heller, Shootbeat Djs, Drumywere, Alex N., H&H, Kozin, Marc Throw, Konsumgut, Mad Morello, Daniel Helmstedt, Ruslan Cross, Fakke, Bury, Rober Sanchez, Matthias Adler, Pablo Discobar, Jimy Jinx & Eli, Nick Cartez, Dj Newdeal, T. Orlando, Lori J. Ward, Sebastien Jull, Dan Lypher, Maeryn Schenz, MILU, Alex Pinana, Fox Gm, Relty, Saby Davis, Robertiano Filigrano, Purebeat, Daily Disco, Astra Teck, El Torro, Ruben Sanchez, Gekido, Aris Psychas, Luis Pastrelli, Audio Stylist, Christianoshi, Simeone, Bunker, Antonio Spataro, Taylor Inc., Johnes, Marco P, Dean Kenny, Trape, Jssst, Johan Virhia, Gokhan Guneyli, Kevin Lead, Karnyvalis, Nikosh, Djane My Canaria, Killian Bartok, Luca Bariani, Nichtzusammen, Laurent Apffel, Kuzman, N.o.x, Since Then, Nelixus, Wrighty, Ram Way, Edgar Sallent, Carlos Marin, Andreas Seeber, Griphen, R. Double, Alvaro Vela, Rejtek, Mark Salies, Alvaro R, Daily Disco, Binary, Marc Van Linden, Ugroza, Robert Collado, Alex Roque, Marcelo Vak, Nando Scheffer, Vin Vega, dotSTRIPE, Mkdj, Johan Johanson, Kaixta, Boris Ochs, Matt Klick, Okabi, Krugen, Kryn, Saby Davis, Alen Milivojevic, Anthony Penny, Cony, Crisdeluxe, Santiago d'Sv, D-Trax, Wallie, Misha G, Fcode
U-Ground Milano | 2014-09-07