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 - Aitor Ronda


Aitor Ronda is a dj and producer from Barcelona,Spain. Afterbeing 2 years in Dublin at the end of the 90s, he returned toBarcelona and created Les Golfes Group, his promotionalevents collective. He produced and promoted over ahundred events in Barcelona. He also created and startedthe techno nights at The Loft (Razzmatazz Club ). Later onhe became head manager with Paco Osuna at Cube Club. In2003 he was invited to play at Sonar Festival.Shortly after he meets Raul Mezcolanza and begin to worktogether in the studio. They created a Live act in order topromote their oown productions.Since 2001 Aitor, runs his own two labels Upfront andDrakos Recordings. He also works with labels like FrescoRecords, Lapsus, ElRow Music, BeOne Recs , StickRecordings, Krapula Music, Looping Records, Natura Viva,Adult Records, Cobra Records , Relatives, Patterns, NakedLunch, Neptuun City o Fun Kids. He has edited over twohundred releases all over the world. Also created and runs,with his partner Andres Campo, the label of the mythical"techno cathedral" called Florida Music. Editing artists like :Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano, Fer Br, Jon Gurd andmany more. With an experience of more than 15 years, he edited his firstrelease together with Mark Williams (Kryptonite) which wasremixed by Ben Sims. Since then he has collaborated withartist like: Filterheadz, Raul Mezcolanza, Amo & Navas,David Herrero, Dj Wady, Paul Mac, George Privatti, Fer Br,Guille Placencia, Marc Maya, Andres Campo, Alberto Ruiz, APaul, Djeep Rhythms …. among others.In the spring of 2012 he signed a residency at Florida 135 .He Also performs regularly at Monegros Desert Festival,Elrow Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. In the last 10 years hehas played all over Spain, also France, Italy , Slovenia ,Portugal , Ireland and Norway .His sets, full of energy are well known for making thedifference on the dance floor!