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 - Konig Balthasar


Konig Balthasar is a DJ, producer, band member and a rich source of ideas when planning parties. Last but not least, he is an avid partygoer.Glarus, a Swiss Canton with its monumental mountains, cow bells and sounding echoes was the early headstone of his sound fiddling. It was neither the flute nor the violin but the computer that gave him the necessary fascination for music. During his apprentice ship as a computer scientist in Zurich he stumbled upon techno which inspired him to DJ-ing. Driven by his constant need to discover new tracks, he soon developed the wish to produce his own music and purchased his first synthesizer.A couple of years later when he moved to Zurich, his musical horizon opened up. His major focus was now on music styles such as Breakbeat, Bigbeat, TripHop and Drum’n’Bass. The project “Freiraum” was originally supposed to be a two-headed producer’s project. However, after the release of their first album “Sofa Sessions” it was decided to also perform live on stage. Freiraum therefore transformed into a band with a drummer and a man on the computer that had shows all over the country. During this time, Andreas’ focus, inspired by the modern club culture with styles like Minimal, House and TechHouse, turned back to the roots.After his first steps in party planning, the idea of organising open air parties led to the birth of “FLUK”, a well- known party label in Zurich. The project grew with countless open air nights and after having spread the brand, FLUK parties were also organised in major clubs.Along with the success of the FLUK parties,Andreas Balthasar Freitag got more active as a DJ again. Under “Konig Balthasar” he keeps moving all the dance freaks with an incredible drive at various events all over Switzerland.In his own studio he processes impressions, acquired knowledge, inputs and various grooves to new Balthasar productions. He constantly strives to push the creative process to the limits together with other musicians.