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 - Jean Agoriia


Jean Agoriiais a self-taught composer, DJ, who is able to make an amazing sounding electronic music style of deep house, tech house, progressive, tribal techno.young resident in a nightclub on the island of beauty he shares his deep house music to tourists who crave and groovy tech soundshe a talented artist and able to bring a shimmer of studio joy to peoples lives.He is now playing at a club in Bouches-du- Rhone a lot of his musical culture is influenced by music blues funk .and the musc black americabut his real passion is electronic music that took holed of him at the age of 16. T he DJ that influence him and his production are Marco Carola, Josh Wink, Kiko, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Metrik: Laurent Garnier, Vitalic, the Chop, Slam; Carlo Mora, Chris Liebing, David Amo Julio Navas, Julian Jeweils, Supert flow, POan Pot, Popof, Dino, Mayan ChisTian Smith and Jhon Selwey, Fabio Giannelli, Umek, Oxia, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Christian Prawns, Wally Lopez, Jhon Aquaviva and many other artists.remixed by personalities as chris colburn or rebekah some of his tracks have supported and were by big name downloadas: sasha Carrassi richie hawtin is more againregularly in the top 10 and 100 on the distributor digitalJean Agoriia is going to become in the coming years a well known DJ/Producer