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 - Jandro Beat


Alex Martínez "Jandro Beat" was born on 8 of March in 1988 in Barcelona’s city.His passion for electronic music came to him at very early age and he already dreamed of someday getting a dj equipment. At age of 17 he gets bought it. This dj equipment was a single mixer with two turntables vinyl.Jandro’s sessions can qualify like dynamic where we can found from the purest sounds till house & techno most underground sounds and its derivatives, knowing at every moment what the floor needs.In 2008 he got his first public performances in small nightclubs of his city getting his first residence.In 2010 he got some partys in the nightclub The Colors and he shared the booth with large-scale dj’s.That same summer in 2010, Jandro acted in The Village Club marquees and from this performance he got the house marquee’s residence during all the summer.At the end of 2010 and beginnings of 2011 he acted in Sound Fact ory night club where t hey count ed on him formanypartys.In 2011 he got partys in different Cataluña nightclubs’s and private partys. This same summer he got the After Love’s residence in Sabadell’s city.In 2012 he enters to form part of Feedback people’ s collective where they have a lot of projects at festivals like in productions.During his time as a producer, Jandro started producing in 2010, and we can find some works for sale through a variety of high quality music labels.