Key Commands
 - Jacob Phono


There is a new expression within the world of music! Phono transforms feelings and pictures into music, he creates music that rips up the sub-consciousness and summons a new reality within the existing world - giving the mind every reason to explore whatever hides deep within.Since 1999 Phono has been exploring the electronic scene and its diversity. The one thing that has always been fundamenta l within his creations is the deep raw sound of his beats and bass lines and the constant development of these otherwise basic elements. Inspired by bandslike Radiohead, Future Sound Of London, Bjork, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Yello, Aphex Twin, Portishead, The Doors, Massive attack, a huge amount of underground club music and much more.Jacob Phono Thiessen has been cooking up a mixture of impressions that together have become a very potent portion of nerve and personal expression, which is the thread through his music.The Phono experience can be described as deep clubbing with a twist of darkness entwined with a spark of light, kind of transcendental disco-techno.As a 13-year-old boy, Phono was introduced to electronic music. It grew in him and became a real passion. When asked "Why DJ?", he says: "Music is what I live for. To be a DJ and to be allowed to share your inspiration with others, it brings up a feeling of being in symbiosis with the audience. It's not just being a DJ and having an audience that appreciates the music, but to share the experience of creating a celebration together, that is essential".Phono, Vladimir El Baz and the well respected DJ Kim Kemi have created the PhonoKemi collaboration with Phono as the producer behind and Kemi as the co- producer. Together they have created a new expression in the scene of electronic music. With hit makers as "Exterminators" and "Decompose", released on vinyl by the label company Highgrade Records, their names are slowly being carved into this new decade of music history - making sure that development of this type of music is ensured.