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 - Giuseppe Rizzuto


Born in 1990, Giuseppe Rizzuto has had a close relationship with music and sounds since he was very young, attracted by the club culture of that period and dreaming about the art of DJing as a real job.He started off as resident and guest DJ in the big clubs in and around Agrigento, obtaining success here and there, thanks to his increasingly personal and resolute sets.From a young age he found a certain appeal in Derrick May’s Techno, with all of its contamination and underground, passing through the House movement of Defected in the House. He began opening evenings for some well-known artists, obtaining various appearances in after-hours clubs, which supported him in his artistic and musical growth, as well as maintaining close contact with his audience.In 2009, after leaving school, he won a creative IED competitive examination, thanks to a sound remake of the famous “2001 Space Odyssey” soundtrack, which led to a scholarship for the three-year Sound Design course in Rome. The subsequent meeting with technology has pushed him towards the world of production, conjuring up emotions through the use of the drum-machine and the synthesizer. “Synthesizes everything he learns from the new trends and what market asks in every production”. His style is featured by an accurate research that extends up to the Techno and Classic House.In June 2011, comes out “Metrotone EP” on ENdemic Digital and so he starts a productive way which leads him to create a close relation with labels like Sound of Juan and Unrivaled Music, obtaining a great success.Currently, he entered into the family of Medicine Records, cared for by Massimo Cassini and Thomas A.S, who give him the possibility to remix a "Forgot That" and also the possibility to publish Shackedown Love EP.Listening to one of his sets means entering into a sound climate characterised by elegant basses, strong rhythms and high-pitched shrills, from which his empathy with the public can be felt.