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 - Matt Klast


Matt Klast (September 29, 1992) refers to a Colombian artist dj and producer, estimated by many great musicians such as Paco Osuna, David Herrero, Fabio Ferro, Aldo Cadiz, and many others, like a distinctive producer of Techno Groove, techno with much rhythm in their low, prompting the audience to dance.As a producer and remixer, Matt Klast has created music for labels like Attary rec, The Room, Sanity Rec, Sixsound Records, he has been supported by a selection of big musicians, as Richie Hawtin that has played Paradisco Cavo (2011 ) their tracks Oven and More pepper, Paco Osuna, he has said in an interview that he plays in his sets to 2 or 3 tracks from Matt Klast, David Herreo supported Break out (original mix) played many times like in Electrobeach (Festival, Spain 2012 ), and this track also sounded by the original Aldo Cadiz, this track occupied the number one position on top of SixSound Records for a long period, where artists like Fabian Argomedo, Fabio Ferro, Adrian Izquierdo, a Just2 produce to this label, Matt Klast is currently exclusive producer Paco Osuna in Mindshake label, where he has composed more than 5 tracks unreleased.