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The creative universe of Davide Di Lodovico (the artist who works behind the logo DAVIDDANCE) is wide and varied, as well as his complex personality, surprising, often elusive, creative at 360 degrees. All his work "crowds out" and moves through different sounds and genres with impressive ease. On the other hand, the words from his song with his first band in the late '80 (NOHP 581), went like this: I am not a wind direction / that blows / and go / property / anywhere / nowhere. It's no wonder that his "game sound" always leads us in different worlds, to pursue "next steps" that could really go "anywhere ... nowhere ", but certainly new steps, unexpected.He was born in Pescara in 1968. In 1985 he founded the Nohp 581, one of the most original and interesting groups of Italian rock of the late '80s. In 1990 the band of 581 Nohp seems ripe for a "decisive leap," but the group also cause internal vicissitudes suddenly dissolved. A couple of years later started a new musical adventure with Liguana culminating in 1999 with the recording of a disc ever released.In 2005, behind the logo DAVIDDANCE, he started his activity like Electronic Music producer. 5 years later he started an indipendent electronic music group including 7 labels across different genres of House/Dance music and Hip Hop to release cutting- edge music that doesn't fit the norm of what most people come to expect of an Italian 'dance' indie label. The label's mission has been to bring out an eclectic and musically varied selection of music.


On Air Club Anthems, Vol. 2 (55 Unmixed Tracks)
Lenny Fontana, Tim Berg, Tocadisco, Stefan Dabruck, Lunde Bros., Wideboys, Marshall Jefferson, House Of Virus, Soliaris, A.C.K., Seal De Green, Crew 7, Jewelz, Chico Chiquita, Roger Shah, Sian Kosheen, Kenny Ground, Riccarda Farina, Stafford Brothers, Olfulsen, Nemanja Stamenkovic, Nick Lindahl, Sunrider, Rash, Robbie Miraux, Mastiksoul, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Terrence Parker, Tha Vill, Tivoli, Daviddance, Klaudia Kix, Omar Cito Perez, Ben Orsound, Jerique, Steur Bros., Julio Leal, Daniel Aguayo, Hoxton Whores, Angie Brown, Ruben Rivas, Miss IIda, FireKinder, Franko Ovalles, Josh Dickens, Louisa Bass, Falko Niestolik, BK Duke, Nina Hall, Emrah Is, Net Brothers, Nika Mills, Alexandra Prince, Slava Dmitriev, Subcquence, Aad Mouthaan, Amrick Channa, JJ Mullor, Lexvaz, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, Jay Jacob, David Heat, Hack N Slash, Mazai, Dolly Rockers, Banda Solare, Samuele Buselli, Travi$, Dimo, Electric Bastards, Rober Gaez, Matthew Codek, Vincent Vega, Manuel Baccano, Soultoniq, Zintle, Takeydo, Nick Wolanski, Andy Viva, Robbie Taylor, Benny Royal, Stadi, Max Lean, Dave S.N.O.W., Subsneakers, Stas Satsura, Brothers Incognito, Eve Justine, Dancyn Drone, Early Le Doc, Alban Berisha, Rodion Gordin, Dvines, Benani Omar, Soufiane Az, Mark Bale, Aybewan, Baseek, Oscar Aparicio, Mary Row, Meave De Tria, J2M, Gary Caos, Dada Life, ATFC, Dirt onE, Sean Tyas, Robbie Miraux, Al Sambello, Martin Villeneuve, Potbelleez, Alexx, DJ Flore, Agent Q, Alex Gray, Peter Brown, C-Go Forte, Darko De Jan, Ivan Spell, Vani Milani, Interplay, Early Le Doc, Jashari
On Air | 2014-07-10