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Since 2008 does the sympathetic Bremen girl spin the turntables and has already lost the status as a secret favorite. Only one year later Bebetta won the „Tresor Newcomer-Award“ and travelled since then with her record case from Frankfurt throughout the world. In 2010 Akai Professional appoints Bebetta as one of its prestigious pro- artists and she wins Numark and Ortofon as her sponsors. Bebettas radio show „Straight Night“ on went on air in the same year together with her party „Heimlich“ in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. Bebetta's sound ranges from melodic house rhythms of driving techhouse to straight techno. Dubby sounds and refreshing surprise moments harmonize in a clear structure. Her light-hearted set lacks neither charm nor the good mixing technique. A mixture that works excellent on the international level. Her charisma and a keen sensitivity to the audience is always reflected in the set itself, which characterizes Bebetta's groove. The whole is refined with Bebetta's popular giveaways, whose unique style can raise a collectors heart beat by a second. In 2011 and 2012 Bebetta is among the top 10 of some polls in the category „Newcomer of the year“ and with her dj-mixes she reached some top chart placements in the „Top 100“ on Since mid-2011 Bebetta works on her own productions and she published in may 2012 her first release „Herr Kapellmeister“ on Damm Records.


Best of Vocal & Deep House 2014
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