Utmost DJs

Utmost DJs have begun the career in 2003. Michael Sharonov has started to embody the dream to be DJ in 13 years, working in children's camps. And then starts to try the forces in creation of own tracks. Evgenie Fedorov a.k.a. DJ Kolychiy has begun the career by the dancer in night club. Rhythm innate sense has allowed it to "draw" precisely and expressively music body movements. Soon it have noticed and have invited to work - and the people have received Evgenie in new role - DJ Koluchiy. Having heard Michael, Evgenie's its creations suggests to change some moments in arrangement. The result was so shaking that guys have decided to unite the forces in a musical duet. So extraordinary harmonious and unpredictable symbiosis called as Utmost DJs ("utmost"

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