Unique 3

"Whipping together a mesmerising flow of freestyle bass, frequency-driven abstractions, penetrating rhythms and an intangible sip of soul, Unique 3 has been on the razor's edge of dance music since its inception. And there is a worrying selection of scars to prove it." Forever etched into Warehouse legend with the pioneering of 'Bleep House', Unique 3 was instrumental in evolving House Music beyond its roots in Soul and Disco and into a futuristic soundscape that drove the progressions of Dance Music as we know it, setting the standard and the headspace for a staggering number of records that followed. Unique 3's groundbreaking early UK Hip-Hop bridged the gap from the US style into a vibrant new sound to change music forever. 'Activity' by Unique 3 was arguably the first dance track to sample the infamous AMEN break,

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