Shadow Traxx

Outta Barcelona’s club scene guts, Shadow Traxx is a production outfit, comprising two key names in the city’s nightlife, Kosmos and Oddzero. They create a sound that’s somewhere between techno and house, adding disparate influences like Sheffield’s bleep, hardcore rave, Metalheadz first era drum’n’bass, dub reggae or even post punk, to obtain a sharp and highly hypnotic groove, that rocks any dancefloor. We can talk at length about this two night time personalities, but to cut the long story short, we can say that Kosmos is a true pioneer of the Spanish electronic scene as well as one of it’s top Dj’s and resident at Nitsa Club and Nasty Bass. Odderro is a superb turntablist, DMC finalist in his native Italy and a genius producer. The combination of their skills generate a techy sound with deep

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