In their teens, Daniel Varga and Michel Kuebler start to make music together. Daniel is being attracted very much by dark wave and EBM, whereas Michel is more interested in how a good song, by Lennon/McCartney e.g., works. On strawberry fields they work hard to buy their first synthesizer.In the 90’s they meet the French singer Laetitia who had just moved to Germany because of French/German love. In 2000, the three form the band rework.After three Eps, in 2003 rework release their first Longplayer “Fall Right Now” on the German Label Playhouse. Caro, who is French too, also sings with rework from 2003. Of different reasons, both singers leave the band – Laetitia in 2004, Caro in 2005. Sascha Hedgehog, frontgirl of the French Beat-Punk band Les Quitriche joins rework

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