15 T hings You Didn't Know About RAC!Your favorite remixes of the last five years are from RAC.He’s topped the Hype Machine charts 22 times with officialremixes of tracks by Lana Del Rey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, BobMarley, Edward Sharpe & T he Magnetic Z eroes and manymore. Now comes his first multi-track release of originalmaterial, the Don’t Talk To EP, four songs composed,performed and arranged by RAC with special guestsproviding the vocals for each track.1. André Allen Anjos grew up in Porto, the 2nd biggest city inPortugal, and is bilingual!2. He started playing piano when he was only 6 & was reallybad at sight-reading.3. At 12, all he wanted was a plastic electric guitar thatplayed the chords for him — but his parents bought him areal acoustic instead, so he

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