Pure Project

Pure Project connects the multilayeredness of techno with pure sounds and groovy harmonious beats. With their own label "lbm-europe" and its own events "Licht Blick" provide them since 2009 in Swiss Techno scene for attention. The regular appearances of international sizes (Midimal, Federico Milani, Robin Hirte, Fabrizio Pettorelli, NHB, Alex di Stefano and Andrea Giuliani) pleases the faithful guests of the meetings. With their productions they achieved the necessary quality to sign with different labels. Its two own E.P's "100% Pure" and "Alter Schwede" with 4 original mixes are available on the most well-known download portals such as beatport.com or iTunes. Its next release was supported by an additional remix of Andrea Giuliani and Luca Rossetti and it is published by SubStudio Records (I). It reached the beatport.com top 20