Breakbeat. Jungle, Dubstep. Rave. Speed Garage. Grime. Left Field Bass. Groups of genres rarely become synonymous with a singular DJ, but in Australia, Mincy is a sharp, fierce representative of heavy, fast and bass focussed underground dance music, not on ly as a DJ, but as a label head, producer and promoter. The Extra Spicy founder, Sydney/Eora based artist has an already flooding resumé that has seen her release on an array of local and international esteemed record labels and traded headphones with some of the industry’s biggest titans. Supported by: Tom Ravencroft, Anastasia Kristensen, Object Blue, AK SPORTS, Bianca Oblivion, Tailor Jae, Emerald, Dr Dubplate, Ila Brugal, Dusk + Blackdown. Jyoty, Jossy Mitsu, Breaka + more! On the production front, her sonic palette is driven into one subsection of

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