James Kumo

James Kumo has produced a string of productions in his relatively short time as a producer, bringing synth driven techno of the highest caliber to the dance floor. First appearing for Amsterdam’s Delsin Records offshoot Ann Aimee, Kumo delivered Kumomusic Vol 1 as his debut production, back in 2008.‘Fluid’ a beautifully hypnotic house number, with seamless metallic percussion looped throughout, ‘Koma’, more low key as it presented a stripped down, 100bpm electronic chugger, whereas ’45 Days’ brought Kumo’s darker side into frame, with a synthline heavy stomper aimed directly for the dance floor.Kumomusic Vol 2 followed shortly bringing ‘Dreams ’ & ‘Alphawave’ a staggered flow of kick-driven rhythms, powerfully hypnotic and relentless synthlines which touched with a retro-acidic feel much like Redshape but also given a sheen of up-to-date production

Latest Releases