Dj and producer based in Mexico City. Dj resident at Cabuya, CDMX. D'Khem has played in big events such as Tsasná Festival, Esto Es Tulum, The Nahual Festival, and shared booth with great Djs as PAAX (Tulum), Roy Rosenfeld, Rodrigo Gallardo, The Soul Brothers, Roderic, Riyozaki, Who is Who (Le Twins), White Flamingo, Alacrán del Amor, Catatonique, Ana Yani. His music has been signed on Tibetania Records, Ixitia Records, Subnautique, Azul Robot, El Santuario, and Democratic Taste. Enjoy this musical journey combining African and middle eastern rhythms with some melodic synths that D'Khem brings to your soul.

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