Dj Memory

Yuri Marchesi better known in (Deejay Memory), was born in Milan (03/02/1988), start listening to the pieces of his father (electronics) and listen to dance music even 80 years', 90, and brought him into the world of music. At the age of 13 he started making music with the first simple programs starting from (fruit loops), making bases Dance and Hip Hop, as they became more skilled loaded there (Reason) a latest program, more beautiful and with that did the same thing but putting in other music styles on (TECHNO, HOUSE, Electronics and Mixing music of any kind even years 70,80,90 which is now using SONAR X1 PRODUCER (X64), Yuri has started to make his first evenings as Dj Set aperitif in the festivities of his country to be known

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