Age Is A Box

Age is a Box is a blend of abstract ambience, indie electronics and pop songs. It’s an emotional tornado. It can be a party, it can be a soundtrack, it's a state of mind. Israeli artist-producer Noam Helfer makes a bold return under the new moniker Age is a Box. Helfer is one of the prevalent forces behind Israel’s indie underground music scene. The artist-producer from Tel Aviv has worked with a plethora of artists including Oren Lavie, Tesha, Folo, Kitzu and Sasha Daniel and is known for combining acoustic instrumentation and field recordings with electronic manipulation and beats. Marrying organic and synthetic textures as well as live instrumentation and digital sound; deep pensive ambience clashes against lively, upbeat rhythms and heartfelt vocals. A8 מ track debut album called ‘One by One’ will

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