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 - Paul Rodner


Born in 1990, Paul Rodner grew up in a picture town in the Portuguese sunshine called Barcelos, but by 13 years old he was already more attracted to the heat of the dance floor. As soon as he could, he headed over to the decks of Vaticano, one of the biggest clubs in Portugal to start his DJ career. Inspired by the energy of the music and party crowds, his inspired musical adventure soon led him to the studio to craft a series of successful tunes on a variety of great labels like Konstrukt, Bitten Records, Herbst und Musik, 76 Recordings, Aenaria Recordings and many others. Now he's leaping into the new year energised with new resolutions and a belief in his dreams - to capture the imagination and hearts of the dance world - and with his extravagant DJ sets and with your productions.