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 - Genetic Noise


Guy Kaganovsky Born on 1982 in Tel Aviv Israel. As a jung Boy that grow up in a Musicians Family. He was playing Classical Instruments as Piano and Cello. Whit the age of 14 when he started going out to Party`s Guy fall in Love whit the modern electronic sound. At this time his curiosity grow to search how to produce. After moving whit his Family to Swiss. Guy Visit and finish the SAE Zurich institute. As a Jung Audio Engineer he work 6 years At The City Theater of Bern. In the last few years Guy has been producing and djing Psy Trance, Techno, House/Tech-House and Minimal music. The Last 2 Years Guy had open his Music label Click&Play Records, and Music Studio. Working as Producer/DJ, Mixer, Recording and Mastering. He stands for Quality and energetic sound. Likes to design allot of his Sounds by him self. His thinking and approach to music are: " I know that from my experience music reflect How the person is and Feels at the moment of creation. If he is happy the music most likely comes out happy. So its a state where the person is whit his own feelings. I focus on staying happy, energetic and healthy. So i already now describe my Music. I love to see the people get my Music and having fun. This motivate me and makes me feel good". Currently Genetic Noise is working on a new Techno Live act. Soon to come on the next 4-6 Mounts. A Cd Sample for Drumphunk on Soundstosample. Released on: Click&Play, Rocit, Recovery Music, Universal Beats. And Always working hard to push him self and his Label. Guy is looking to work whit labels and Dj`s. To grow and to help Artists that are looking To Release Best Quality of Music.


100 Minimal & Techno Songs
Off Remixer, Marco P, Audiosweep, Jose Ayen, Oktave B, Hiskia, Jens Kurzweil, Mirko Upek, Science Rhythm, Magneticnw, System Beats, Evil Jokes, DJ WestBeat, MIHOVIL, Christen Van Strothmann, Corvin Dalek, Ed Whitty, Scraperz Noise, Placa, Dj Ryan Wallace, Saam, Pablo Caballero, Atcon Clank, Tom Almex, ZueWax, Elexx, The Unfeiyrs, Ron Ractive, Tinush, Tobias Sternreiter, Fristik, Felix Bernhardt, Arts & Leni, Nika Sharvadze, DJ BL33P, ElecDrug, Julien Lecoq, Lampenfieber, Status, Robin Mosco, Ampetermin, Minimal Rockets, Marc Throw, Der Minimalistiker, Craig Scully, Mr9carter, Mark Ganesh, Pablo Roldan.c, Simon Jaxx, Q So, Vibreen, Sebastian Fuchs, Zwei Kanister, Javi Cejas, Sandro Beninati, Active Phaze, Typ, Vakanga, Data Tech, Tontherapie, Dani San, Mr. Wise, RC, Pasten Luder, Nemanja Jovic, Misha Misha, Bojan Popovic, Anunnakie, Alex Geralead, Cro Magnon, Genetic Noise, Audiokern, Longalenga, Dan Chi, Bifath, Scoop Van Eden, Klofrauen Auf Schleichfahrt, Ray Rosh, Meho Jr., Willy Lomis, Van Sohl, Bass Monta, Pilot Bg, Francesco Caramia, Slavaki, Mc Toumes Style, David Koonen, Lez-gelm, Underhead, Davis, Dembowski, Gebrueder Grimm, Juergen A. Semmelmann, Blanda, Anascole, Astra Teck, Angelo Dore, Feydh Rotan, Ale Flowers, Temor Hamid, Francesco Caramia, Calle, Carsten, Bitterstrom, Monica Dias, T.h.i.n.c., Patrick Weblin, Groovepatcher, Ioanis, Discord, Tobi S., Mike Wall, Tom Tronic, Deep Haki, Mario Giordano, Mr. Wise, Marco Raineri, Luis Cunha, Rich Vom Dorf, Gebrueder Grimm, Alex Portarulo DJ, Ende, Andre Rigg
Bavaria Recordings | 2013-01-11