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 - Dean Anthony


To say that Dean Anthony hit the ground running just about sums up his energetic charge into view in 2011 when he unleashed the slick and brilliantly rugged 'Chrysalis' onto the world. As a breakout track this one rocked a vivacious trail. Catching the ears of all the right people it was released on Ferry Corsten’s 'Flashover Recordings', an imprint known for its fiercely dynamic take on trance.Chrysalis was just the beginning of an industrious year for this diligent and impassioned new producer and certainly not the only standout track. Releases on Big In Ibiza, Mondo, Alter Ego & Marco V's In Charge label made firm Dean's arrival onto the electronic music super-highway, carrying along with him a devotion and ear for intense beats that has fuelled his musical exploits as he journeys.Like all great musical minds, Dean has an ear for first- class sounds in every variety, never restricting his repertoire to just one particular genre or style. His musical adventure has led through styles of house and progressive, infused with tech and electro, dubstep and trance. Creatively he takes on the challenge of melding genres and marking brave new standards in his relentless quest for the perfect beat. Inarguable diversity is one quality that shines through in Dean's work and the measure of a skilled producer, one who is devoted to cultivating, coaxing and teasing mistress sound without limitations.On remix duties Dean has applied his studio finesse to gems including Chris Cockerill's 'With Angels' and Harris C - 13 in 2011 leading on to his biggest rework to date in 2012, a remix of cutting edge producer Erick Strong's - 'Sirens' on Interstate Recordings.Only a few months into 2012 and the momentum of his previous year in music has not waned. Pairing with good friend and fellow producer Aleksandar Galoski to work in the studio, the duo have brought two great new releases to the fore, Monsta Muncha on Captivating Records and I Want Your Love feat. vocalist Sara Kerr on Kidology. This new collaboration is an exciting step in the careers of both artists as they explore and develop their affinity for house with a succinct bite.The year is nowhere near conclusion and neither is Dean's passionate journey into the annals of EDM, developing his sound, collecting an avid fan base and an enviable discography of intense, inspiring sounds. Sit up and take notice? You should, because this is one producer who is forging ahead with a flair for the beat most of us can only dream of.


Sexy House Sounds, Vol. 10
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Housepital Records | 2013-02-21