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Hailing from the picturesque shores of New Zealand, Camille has been a musician since the age of 4 years old. Having mastered a number of instruments such as Violin, Piano, Harmonica, Bass Guitar and Drums, she then moved on to Turntables and has been rocking dancefloors since 2000, not to mention she is also a qualified Audio Engineer, undeniably this girl has music flowing through her veins!Her sets are a seamless mix of underground Chicago House, right through to Tech House and everything in between. She captures the listener's imagination with irresistibly infectious melodies infused with phat, chunky basslines, and slamming percussion. She has played alongside the likes of Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Joey Youngman, Jason Hodges, Joshua (Iz), and Inland Knights to name a few, having taken her mixing skills around the world.In 2011 at Miami WMC she met her man 4Peace (of High Maintenance, Juiced Music, Cabbie Hat Recordings) and together they formed the duo "SoulMates". They have released together on the infamous Panhandle, Caboose, Cabbie Hat, Sour Mash Audio & Caliber Sounds with many more to follow! You can catch SoulMates playing live every week with their "BeatBox Sessions" radio show Fridays 9pm - 11pm CST on Chicago House FM, where Camille shows off her mixing skills on the 1200's.Camille is also the Head Honcho for the underground house label Caliber Sounds, with releases coming from some of the best in the business, including Ryan Truman, Flapjackers, Soul De Marin, J-Caprice, 4peace, Ignacio Robles, Scrubfish, Delgado and many more. Check out Lady C is her B-Girl alter ego, laying down the dopest Hip Hop and freshest Funk in new skool style. This is where Old Skool meets Jazz, shakes hands, sidesteps with Disco, slides into Soul, gets down with Hip Hop, and gets up on Funk!Camille is a true musician. She is known for her playful personality and the energy she injects into her playing. Her passion for all things music make her one not to be missed!


Big 100 (Dance & Hands Up)
Marc Van Damme, Alex M., Andrew Spencer, Max K., Camille, Punkrockerz, Carmen, Comeea, DJ Restlezz, Jay D, Juve, Henny-M, Malu Project, James Stefano, K-Brown, NRG, Rico E., Thomas Petersen, Cary August, Danceboy, Sunset Project, Tim de Ville, Farisha, Persian Raver, Trane, Tao Hypah, Lucc, DJ Roxx, John Jagger, DJ Decron, Stephanie Kay, Roan Baxter, Breaker, DJ Kryst-Off, Kevin Portez, Sem, Lara Loft, Stan1, Crystal Rock, VergiLuv, Bounce Bro, Redtzer, Marc Kiss, Money-G, Tube Tonic, Kimura, Hornyshakerz, DE/VISION, Vanilla Kiss, Stage One, Patricia Edwards, Franca Morgano, Kompulsor, Van Snyder, DJ Giga Dance, Robkay, David Posor, Mojito Sky, Parker, Belmond, Splash, Brooklyn Bounce, Lolita Hunters, Trashfunk Rockerz, Gemma.B, Matti Mars, Vuk Lazar, DJ Selecta, DK, Tjc, Pit Bailay, Gee, Baker, McFly, Discotronic, Gemma B, William Hawk, Alx, Jazzi Jay, MuzzyG, Philipp Ray, Viktoriya Benasi, zoo_reality, Housemaxx, DJ Analyzer, Jeany Kiss, Sunray, Nevermind, EBJ, Dot Comma, Bangbros, VisTexx Project, Aurora, Toxic, Hardcharger, Turnyboy, Diamond Boy, Jose Mose, Justin Corza, Phillerz, Vanilla Kiss, Manox, Megastylez, M&Ace, Redtzer, Raindropz!, Discotronic, Jens O., DJ Gollum, Empyre One, Giorno, Max Kinscheck, Molky, Creative Blue, Milano Bass, Danceboy, Mave, Marc Hill, Sunset Project, Chris Victory, Malu Project, Damn-R, Noisegate Project, Quickdrop, Marve, Crystal Lake, Summerstars, Marc Van Damme, Alex M., Topless, Summervibes, Robkay, Dale, Harms, Giga Dance, Sven E, DJ THT, Monkey Business, Alex Moerman, Paul Gorbulski, Hendrik Meyer, Michael Vanderstein, VinylBreaker, jWEb, Van Snyder, THT, Cueboy, Tribune, K!Nky Boyz, Ced Tecknoboy, Dual Playaz, Deltaforcez, LM Beatz, Jaxx 'N' Danger, Sem, Cedric Saintviteux, Dennis Bohn, Greg Blast, Lars Boege, Pavel Gorbulski, Christian Seidl, Dennis Techel, Enrico Jurca, Lauri Siska, Sunray, Jeany Kiss, Andre Otterbach, Johannes Hanl, Manuel Puehringer
Mental Madness Records | 2013-06-14
Big 100 (House & Electro)
Fio, Stephen Pickup, Blumenkraft, Alex M., Sergio Ramos, Scotch & Soda, Elleena, 2-4 Grooves, Camille, Punkrockerz, Carmen, Tao Hypah, Breaker, DJ Kryst-Off, Kriss-One, Sonny Wilson, Andrew Spencer, Sasha Veter, Johan K, Marc Van Damme, Henny-M, Malu Project, James Stefano, K-Brown, DJ Selecta, Van Snyder, Tim de Ville, Farisha, Persian Raver, Trane, Lucc, Pit Bailay, Crystal Rock, Sigi Di Collini, Timmy G, Starjack, Jazzi Jay, MuzzyG, Max K., Comeea, DJ Restlezz, Lara Loft, Stan1, VergiLuv, Bounce Bro, Mike Melange, Matthias Ka, Marc Kiss, Azzido@Schwarz, Tjc, Marc Paprott, City Shakerz, Robkay, Lolita Hunters, Daniel Slam, DJ Neo, DLova, Hornyshakerz, DE/VISION, Vanilla Kiss, Sem, Arjan van Midden, Patricia Edwards, Nitro, Jason, Psychonautn, Brooklyn Bounce, OrgazmiXound, Pete Mazell, Sasha Wind, Cary August, Danceboy, Funky Rezz, Housebatze, Thomas You, Hill, Gordon, Narine, Grey, DJ Anady, Rudy MC, Parker, Belmond, DJ Solovey, Trashfunk Rockerz, Gemma.B, David Posor, Rico E., Nevermind, Philipp Ray, Stonecold, Vuk Lazar, Johan K., Splash, Gee, Baker, McFly, Discotronic, King Chronic, Miss L., Soraya Vivian, DafHouse, Jeany Kiss, Sunray, Gemma B, William Hawk, Alx, Viktoriya Benasi, Funky Therapy, zoo_reality, Rikah, Housemaxx, Thomas Petersen, Sarah Jane Neild, Johan K, Brooklyn Bounce, MD Electro, Subgroover, Michel Amberg, Disco Superstars, Son!k, Max K., PH Electro, Hill & Gordon, Michael De Kooker, DJ Quicksilver, Pit Bailay, Trane, Selecta, Classi, Gordon, Doyle, Housemeisters, Crystal Rock, Yann Lizot, Tondecker, Jean Luc, Andrew Spencer, Damon Blaze, 2Complex, Miguel Valbuena, Ariel Pereira, Tom Cut, D-Jastic, Thomas You, Johnny Beast, Talstrasse 3-5, Marc Van Damme, Nick Otronic, Digiwave, Eric Dale, Dance Dealers, Alex M., Toby Stuff, Scotty, Giorgio Gee, Guenta K., Dirty Herz, Maria von Heyde, Global Groove, Die Hoerer, Sean Finn, DJ Solovey, Dean Cohen, Dutch, Tale, Kleekamp, Raven, Tom Rider Remix
Mental Madness Records | 2013-06-07