Sean Aaron

Nourished since birth by rock with groups like Barclay James Harvest, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and ZZ Top, Sean Aaron appreciates the raw sound of rock, particularly that of the electric and acoustic guitars virtually omnipresent in rock albums. At age 17, he’s interested in groups like Metalica, Rage against the Machine, Cypress Hill, ... He’s also tuned in to current, slowly evolving, trends in electronic music and to rap, which captures his full attention: Bodycount, Method Man... But really his heart lies with the hybrid trend, like Prodigy and Massive Attack. Today, it’s mostly artists like Ciccada, ,Gramatik, The XX, Justice, daft Punk, Cassius, Kavinsky,That inspire him in his musical explorations. His music attempts to bring together elements of several categories, an understated blend of jazz, Blues, disco, pop

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