Miss Mavrik

Durning 2010 Miss Mavrik performed in countries including Spain, Italy, Ibiza, Belgium, Russia, Bahrain, Poland, Syria, Dubai, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg and France.Her genre being house and progressive meant that moving into this theme of production was undoubtedly the next step. Her first track release was a remix of the Tom Nevile and The Stafford Brothers single "Come my way". Working alongside Juan Kidd to create a pumping house version of the track, which was released on Toolroom Records. Miss Mavrik’s track “Road to Hell” was released on Prozaic Records, while the collaboration with Daniel De Brujin and Amba Afra named “The Monday After” was released on Baroque Records.Moving on to 2012 there were further productions... 'Haymaker' a collaboration with Pi Mandrake was released on Lowbit Records in May. This

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