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JAVI TRACKER started DJ’ing at the age of 14 at the Plastic Academy of Barcelona. After a while he bought two turntables and started practicing frequently at home.At the age of 16 , he released his first record produced by DJ RUBOY and edited by BIT MUSIC (Divucsa).At the age of 19 he won his first amateur DJ contest held at the famous XQUE of Girona, obtaining, among other things, a residency (for two months) sharing the DJ booth with the well know spanish DJs PASTIS&BUENRI. Because of his great talent, he signed for “TNT” club of Valencia (Sutarday night) and during Sunday afternoon opened a small club in Barcelona called “DESK” with his inseparable partener ALFREDO. He DJed in more than 100 clubs from all over Europe, sharing the

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